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Ciste ar Son Briagaid Ar naGael -  The Irish Brigade Memorial.

We are a proud monument for the Irish contribution to the Boer War on Boer side.

There were two main brigades fighting for the Boers, namely Blake and Mc Bride`s men.

We give a glimpse into this fascinating piece of history through our collection of Boer War images, proudly opened by Mr Brandon Mc Mahon - the Irish Ambassador to South Africa.

The Irish on the Boer side were mostly miners who came out to work the gold mines that sprung up all over the Boer Republics.

And it was not long before the greedy eyes of England were firmly fixed on this.

In no time troops were marching up from the Cape. The Irish would have none of this and sided with the Boers.

They took a great risk in doing so, as Ireland was still under the Crown and they would be shot as traitors on the spot by the heartless English (which was mostly the case in the end).

After the war some of the Irish escaped via Lourenco Marques (Maputo). Others stayed behind and married Boer women and became Boers.

To this day, their linage is clearly visible.

They risked life and limb for us, just to disappear into the mists of time, until 1975 when the efforts of Mr TB Floyd  culminated into a glorious monument being erected in Brixton Johannesburg. Mr Floyd actively campaigned for this since 1957 when the Irish Brigade Memorial Committee was founded.

The Irish find this history very fascinating and love to inspect the original Irish Monument plaques that we display along with the photographic history.

The main Brixton monument was moved to Orania in May 2003, due to a squatter problem at the Brixton site.

It now stands gloriously on a Koppie overlooking Orania on the banks of the Orange River where many a Boer War battle took place.

Another great favourite with the Irish is our annual St Patrick`s Day.

This is when all the Paddy`s and Plastic Paddy`s (those who naturalized as Irish through love of Guiness and dance) come together and celebrate .

This is the only day when we brew the "Black Stuff" and do traditional Irish music and dance.

So you see, we pride ourselves as being a truly traditional Irish Ale House in every sense of the word. And not just another sports bar with a slight Irish veneer.

You can sit on our stoep and take a true journey in time.  Backwards! When things were wholesome and time moved slower... And people made time for one another.

Slainte !


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